Walkersville United Methodist Church
Tuesday, January 26, 2021

WUMC Trustees 2019-2020

Jeff Glaspell, Chairperson
We are making several improvements to our church.
Thank you for your patience while we are working.
Things we are working on now...
-Parking lot Lighting.
-Painting inside the church.
-Painting inside Georgetown Hall.
-New carpet in Narthex and main hallway area.
-Replaced all lighting with LED lamps.
-Increased electrical service to pavilion area.
-Thorough cleaning of Sanctuary.
-New concrete for front porch area.
-Projector & Screen for Georgetown Hall.
-Upgraded Internet/WiFi Access.
-Assisted Listening System.
-New pavement for parking lot.
-Recondition septic from Narthex to outside hookup.
-Revamp of Youth Room.
-New Sign for Parking Lot entrance
-Basement Waterproofing
-AED Device
-Installed new boiler in sanctuary (provides heating for sanctuary, weekday school and GH)
• Installed new boiler in Parish House.
• Installed stainless steel chimney liners for new boilers in sanctuary and PH.
• Installed new 5-ton air conditioner (AC4) in GH.
• Installed new Bilco door to Annex Building.
• Removed dead maple tree and trimmed dead wood from pine trees on playground.
• Upgraded fire suppression system in kitchen range hood.
NEW Boiler/Heating System 
--Upcoming Projects--
Security Camera Monitoring System
 Repair/replace tile floor in breezeway.
Installing cabling for security cameras.

In the Event of an Emergency, Please Contact:
Pastor Mike Henning

@ 240-313-8861